Welcome to our virtual Exhibition


Thank you for taking the time to view this public exhibition concerning Suffolk County Council’s draft Masterplan for the North of Lowestoft Garden Village. It relates to a strategic allocation for mixed- use development within the adopted Waveney Local Plan. This draft Masterplan has been prepared on behalf of the main landowner (Suffolk County Council) in consultation with the local planning authority (East Suffolk Council).

Suffolk County Council previously consulted on proposals for this site in January and February of 2021. This exercise sought the views of the public on a previous, broad vision for how the site might come forward.  

The Draft Masterplan out for consultation contains a vision for the future development of the site, background information on the technical constraints and opportunities, a set of framework plans, design guidance and a phasing and implementation strategy to co-ordinate the delivery of housing and key infrastructure, such as schools and  local shops.

Purpose of this Presentation

It is the intention of these presentation boards to provide you with a summary of the key information contained within the Draft Masterplan, with further detail provided within the Masterplan document.

More guidance is also contained within the Frequently Asked Questions section of this public consultation website. Once you have reviewed this material, we would encourage you to complete our online feedback form.

Purpose of the Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to give you the opportunity to share your views on our draft Masterplan for the allocated site.

This feedback will be actively considered when working up the final Masterplan, which will then be submitted to East Suffolk Council for approval.