First Consultation Actions

Developing The Proposed Masterplan

All the feedback received from the first public consultation event was actively considered by the project team to inform the development and subsequent amendments to the proposed Masterplan.

This is summarised in the table below.


Reference Within The Masterplan

Importance of Corton’s identity – retaining a strategic gap between the Garden Village and Corton;

Prioritising pedestrian and cycle connectivity – to integrate the site with its surroundings, ensure safe movement routes and corridors, and minimise the use of the car for travel;

Carefully consider access – onto Corton Long Lane;

Establish a clear ‘community hub’ – around the primary school, local centre and retirement community;

Managing the risk of odour – through appropriate land use planning;

Provide accessible green infrastructure – contributing to a green, leafy garden village character

Distinctive design – identifying character areas, appropriate density, streets, landscape and open space;

Exploring low carbon design – pursuant to SCC commitment to respond to the climate emergency;

Infrastructure planning – with key service providers to mitigate impacts.